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Luca Mazza

Slamp Designer

Luca Mazza was born with art and aesthetic sensibilities running through his blood. His passions and classical training have been expressed through theatre roles for Agrigento’s Centro Studi Pirandelliani, chamber music concerts cum jazz improvisation, an archive of illustrated historical events and re-elaborations of Greek literature. He harnessed his creative vein, originally expressed through varying disciplines, during his Art Direction studies at Rome’s Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, where he perfected his style, the semantics and semiotics of his work. He also won a scholarship, allowing him to specialize in Multimedia Design. His multi-faceted creativity spans from visual communications and the creation of design objects to training recent design grads; Luca Mazza’s vision is passionate, dynamic, optimistic, profound and sensitive, delving into the classics while luring one’s eye toward technological innovations. He has been immersed in Slamp’s values since 2006, when he became part of the team as a Visual Designer. After having worked on the brand’s stylistic evolution throughout the years, he became the Creative Director in 2016.


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