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Tommaso Ragnisco

Slamp Designer

Born in 1971, Tommaso Ragnisco lives in Rome. He received his degree in Industrial Design (final thesis, a spaceship), and today, works as a sculptor, painter, designer, make-up artist, and special effects scenographer. He founded the 21st century Design studio in 1995, renamed 21LAB, which remained in business until 2008. He established the multimedia design studio, LABNORMAL, along with Marco Zamponi and Massimiliano Forcella, in 2012. He has worked with in the applied arts in collaboration with important industrial companies, museums, and television networks including Fox Italia, the Opera Nazionale Montessori, and created the Mizar perla divulgazione scientifica for Slamp. He taught cinematic scenography for 5 years at IED (the European Institute of Design), and for two years, has been the director of Rome’s Montessori primary school scientific/artistic laboratory program, “Le mani e la mente”. Indulging his passion for cinema, he produces short films that serve as “windows into free expression”.


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