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Hotel Ambassadori

Name: Hotel Ambassadori

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Architects: Studio D73 – Arch. Vismara & Arch. Viganò

Credits: Alberto Petrò

Year of realization: 2017

Description: The Ambassadori Hotel in Tbilisi, located in the historical center of the capital city of Georgia, has been significantly enlarged during the past three years according to the project
by Studio D73 Arch. Marco Vismara & Arch. Andrea Viganò. A completely new building of 9,000 square meters, based on the architectural project of the local firm Qalaqproeqt, has been added to the historical part of the hotel (almost 4,000 square meters) built in the Eighties and kept in its original conditions. The building, recently renewed, includes 121 rooms (83 of them are new), a presidential suite, a Spa, an Italian restaurant and a Casino. D73 proposed an eclectic style: a classic and elegant theme with some contemporaneous points. Specific attention
has also been paid to the details, especially for the elements created by the Italian workforce whose works was well integrated with the local artisans in a cultural dialogue between Italy and Georgia.

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